Workplace Wardrobe

If you have to tell someone that their workplace wardrobe is inappropriate and/or unprofessional (or one of those other words that mean “you’re probably too attractive to work here”), make sure you’re of the opposite gender than the person… otherwise, you just sound old, bitter, and jealous.

This is 100% hypothetical, but if that happened to me, I would have worn a striped turtleneck and a midi-length knit skirt with some 4″ heels and looked like an effing bombshell the next day. *ahem* …Again, however, this is hypothetical.

Do everyone a favor and someone of the opposite gender break it to the offender:

Sorry to have to tell you this, Tina, but you’re looking a little too boneriffic for half of the office to function. Could you grab a sweater? Thanks.

Hey Jim… You know Bertha in Accounting? She won’t stop talking about your bulge. Do us all a favor and start wearing a little more generous pant cut.

When you have a one-on-one meeting in a conference room and you’re dressed like that, people really start to wonder. Maybe leave your “late-night job” clothes at home?

…Or maybe just recognize that some people are more attractive than other people and we’re not trying to be distracting or cause a ruckus. We’re dressed JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, but people look at us because we’re hot. #sorrynotsorry #suckitBrenda