You Divide, I Conquer (with words after the fact because I’m a wuss)

If you have to put up a little grocery divider when checking out at Target, you’d better make sure that the person in front of you already has all of his or her groceries on the conveyor belt.

This post is dedicated to the unbelievable [expletive redacted] at Target who, about 15 minutes ago, couldn’t even wait until I had HALF the groceries out of my cart. She threw so much on there that the cashier had to STOP THE BELT AND MOVE MY GROCERIES FORWARD SO I HAD ENOUGH ROOM TO PUT THE REST OF MY STUFF UP THERE. I appreciate that she didn’t make eye contact with me because I don’t think her kid would have enjoyed watching what I would have said and done to her right there in front of all the good folks at Target.

Lady, I want you to know that there is a special spot in hell reserved just for you. …Wait. No. It’s half a spot. I made sure someone put a huge plastic divider and 27 cases of the Lean Cuisine meals you just COULDN’T WAIT TO GET OUT OF YOUR CART in your spot. Enjoy.