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Eleemosynary Endowments for Éclat

If you have to make a spectacle of yourself to donate to a charitable cause, please take two seconds before posting the humblebraggy video on Facebook or YouTube to reflect on what you’re actually doing.

Yes, I’m talking about the #icebucketchallenge to raise money for ALS. (Wait…what’s ALS? Oh yeah, that’s the thing I support when I write a check or whatever. Does that get me more hits or likes? Will that make it go viral?) I’m willing to bet that 98% of the morons who are doing this don’t have any idea about the cause they’re supporting.

“OMG, Kayleigh, like we totes have to have a wet t-shirt contest video thing and then send money to the LDS!”

“Yes!! What’s LDS?”

“He’s like a Mormon hockey guy or something who got a disease and now he’s an announcer on ESPN who sits next to Kirk Herbstreit on that football show.”

“OMG! I love that guy! I didn’t know he was sick!”

Donate your time at a homeless shelter, volunteer to help some disadvantaged kids, write a check payable to your local church…

Don’t try to get famous on social media by donating to a cause you know nothing about.