Recreational Cataclysms

If you have to go to an event–any event–a party, a wedding, a conference, a whatever, know that whether or not you will have a good time is predicated solely on whether or not I (or someone like me) attend. Think that sounds conceited? It’s not. Read on…

You know you’d rather bail and just stay home than be around all of those people, but you RSVP-ed, so there’s no getting out of it.

So you go. It starts out the way all of these things always start–the great segregation, if you will:  moms with babies in one area, the rest of the moms (who really only showed up in order to bitch about their husbands and/or the other women in attendance), family dads, dads who are planning to get shitfaced, and (if you’re lucky) the fun group.

The fun group sometimes takes a little bit to come together (and occasionally it consists of only one person), so keep an eye out. Don’t worry, though; you’ll know it when you see it. These are the people who start playing beer pong, or strike up a game of kickball, or jump off the diving board, or head out to the dance floor when no one else is there. It’s the guy who picks the first karaoke song or grabs a basketball or starts a tic-tac-toe game with you in the middle of a boring meeting. It’s the girl who asks the server where the fun spots are or gets all the kids together for a game of red rover or eats the peanut butter cup in a weird way just to see if there is, in fact, a wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

There aren’t many of us “fun people,” but everyone wants to join in once we get started. We’re recreational catalysts. We cause fun to happen (and admittedly, sometimes we have to force it). This begs the question, then:  why are grownups so afraid to have fun, and/or why will people generally not initiate something fun?

Maybe they’re afraid that they’ll look silly. Maybe they’re afraid that no one will join them. Well, guess what? I’ll have fun and I won’t care if I look silly. I guess that’s just job security for all of us in the fun group. 😉


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