On Being Exceptional

If you have to whine about your superiority vs. other people’s lack of skill/professionalism/whatever, you’re probably an asshole.

Unless you’re right. THEN you’re a super-amazing person who has trouble tolerating others’ mediocrity and/or abject failures. You’re allowed to complain about others–cuz they ain’t you, and you is awesome.

Enter me. (That’s not supposed to sound like a sexual demand. I mean that I’m the personification of exemplarity. Read on, you pervert.)

My brother said it best:  “We are exceptional humans and that is why people like us.” I have two brothers. They are both alarmingly awesome. Their wit is cutting, their musings insightful, and they’ll both be more than happy to throw back a beer with you while ruminating on society’s afflictions. When we get together, we laugh about things other people don’t understand–sometimes inside jokes, but usually just guffawing at the human condition.

Yes, we’re all hyperintelligent, tall, attractive people with startlingly blue eyes, but perhaps more than that, I think people like us because they want to be like us in some way. We’re exceptional humans. …Don’t be jealous. Celebrate the fact that you know us. 🙂


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