Hamburgers are Not the Enemy

If you have to whine and complain about food, know your audience and realize that I have zero sympathy for your stupidity that has resulted in your so-called weight issues.

Here’s a not-so-hypothetical:  I’m sitting next to two women who are talking about all the food they just can’t eat anymore. “…OMG, Lisa, I just can’t eat a whole burger!” Really? You can’t eat a whole hamburger because you think you’ll gain weight? Lady, I just watched you wolf down fries and a slice of cheesecake along with that “highly responsible” broiled chicken. Burgers are not your problem. YOU are your problem. Don’t blame the burger.

And I’m super sorry, Bertha… Losing three or four pounds won’t make you pretty. You are an unattractive person, and dropping a couple pounds won’t fix your face. Good luck in life.


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