Can I “Quote” You on That?

If you have to “use” quotation marks, make sure to use “them” correctly. That’s not the only problem, however…

Good heavens. You people make word’s plural by adding an apostrophe and an s at the end of word’s, you capitalize common Nouns, and you don’t know how, to use, commas correctly. You rely completely on spellcheck because you can’t remember when i comes before e. You’ve thrown out all the rules of proper grammar and you’ve replaced them with nonsensical abbrvs and shorthand.

I’ve had enough.

If you put “CHICKEN NOODLE” SOUP on your specials board, I have to assume that I will find neither chicken nor noodles in my soup bowl. Is it tofu? Are those things maggots? Maybe I should try your “DIET” SODA.

I saw a sign that said “PLEASE” NO LOITERING. What does that even mean?!


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