Just &@$%ing Do It Already

If you have to make a major life change, do it. Do it now. Don’t taper down gradually from eight cans of Coke a day to zero. Just stop it entirely NOW. That’s 1120 calories a day. Change nothing else, and you’ll lose a pound in three days. Switch to black coffee, and you won’t have caffeine withdrawal headaches. It’s a big change; you’re used to having a can attached to your palm for ten hours of the day. It’ll seem weird and you’ll be cranky, but just shut your mouth and do it. Don’t give up.

Want to start running? Strap on your stupid shoes and get out there. The best way to start doing it is to start doing it. Get it?

I don’t mean to sound all life-coachy, but seriously, I’m tired of all the whiny BS I have to hear all day. Stop wishing for something without putting any action behind it! Just go after it! Get what you want! Now!

Fact: I’ve lost 22 lbs. in the last 20 days. Boom. Naturally, people ask how I did it. I fast every other day and eat low carb/high protein on the days I do eat. Is it easy? No. Is it simple? YES. What does that mean?

Do you think it’s easy to sit back, stomach growling, and watch people eat lunch? Nope. It’s not fun. It’s simple because the only thing (the ONLY thing) I have to do is to not eat. It’s not complicated. Just don’t eat. There’s no counting calories or points or calculus or any of that crap. It’s willpower.

Have a toxic person in your life? Cut ’em out. They’re done. Don’t “just not talk to Lisa quite as much this week and then, like, even less after that.” Don’t put yourself through it. Make a clean break. Buh-bye, Lisa.

Got a habit of having a few too many drinks when you go out on Saturday night? Don’t have even one, because you know that one really means seven, and seven means you are def going to do something you’ll regret.

Think I’m oversimplifying? I’m not. Want to stop something? Stop it. Want to start something? Start it now. There’s no halfway. Tell five people in your life about it, and make them hold you accountable. Need a friend? I’ll be your friend. No lie. I’ll annoy the piss out of you, but you’ll be better for it. You just let me know.


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