Classic Biker Dude Rock

If you have to criticize someone’s taste in music, just shut up. You’re not “cultured” because you like The Grateful Dead; you’re just a fan of crappy music. You’re 24 years old. You weren’t around when they were popular, and if you “listened to them a lot in college derp derp derp,”
1) you’re a stoner
2) you’re a loser
3) you didn’t graduate
4) you probably lived in the lame dorm with no air conditioning
5) you lost touch with all your stoner “friends” and now you have none
6) you really have no place in modern society.

All that being said, I don’t give a flying truck about what type of music you like. Just shut up and don’t judge me because I like rap.

For the record (ha! get it?), I hate The Beatles, The Doors, The Eagles, The Who, The Guess Who (which might be the same band–I don’t know), The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Hauling Oats, The Boss (whoever that is), the Hotel California guy, Bob Dylan (even though his son is The Wallflowers dude), GNR (not even sure what that is, but my old roommate used to talk about him all the time), CCR (is that country?), Led Zeppelin, that American Pie guy (ack), Leonard Skinnard, etc.

Pink Floyd, Queen, and Tom Petty all get a pass. I can manage to stomach them in larger doses.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I used to work at a classic rock station.

FUNNY STORY RELATED TO DISCLOSURE: We used to do a lot of live remotes, and one was at some huge motorcycle thing at a Harley dealership. A group of motorcycle gentlemen (okay, biker dudes) started talking to me about the station, etc., and they asked me what my favorite band was. I hated to tell them that I more or less detested classic rock and I really only started working at the station so I could switch to the Top 40 station that was one studio over from ours… So I pondered for a second, and literally the only band I could come up with was Queen. (Why Queen? …Jock Jams. No, really. “We Will Rock You” at high school football games.) Blank stares from the biker dudes. I left the station soon after that, but my leaving had more to do with my stalker-y boss than weird interactions with biker dudes.


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