Not-So Business Casual

If you have to go to a work event that’s “business casual,” for heaven’s sake, do not don a golf shirt and a pair of khakis and think that’s acceptable. (There’s one guy who can get away with it, and you are not him.)

Business casual today means:

Ladies – a wrap dress, sleek pants and a tailored button-up shirt, or a pencil skirt with an embellished top or a cardigan.
Gents – dress pants and a collared button-up shirt (no tie).

…Wondering about the other categories?

Business professional means:

Ladies – shirts with collars and dressy pants/skirts, conservative dresses, suits.
Gents – suits with ties.

Formal means:

Ladies – like business professional, but lose the suit jacket and add some sparkle.
Gents – three piece suits and up.

Casual means showing skin or something… short-sleeved shirts, sandals, etc. Be advised that khakis are casual; jeans mean you’re slummin.

PLEASE NOTE: Never, ever, ever, ever wear capri pants, clamdiggers(?), ankle-length pants, or anything else that makes it look like you borrowed a short person’s pants and/or you can’t commit to either actual (long!) pants or shorts. Sorry, Becky, but no one wants to see your bony and cartilage-y ankles. Lisa, the skin on your calves is transparent and I’m seeing more blue lines per square inch than a map of US rivers. And Mary… Those are cankles. Cover them up. They’re disgusting.


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