Gourmet Gore

If you have to post a picture (of anything, but we’ll just talk about food here) with something that sounds like a captionbrag, please just be honest. Be honest with us… and, perhaps most importantly, be honest with yourself.

You aren’t fooling anyone… Lightly smoked ranch alfredo caresses delicate strands of angelhair pasta means you dumped the leftover bbq and ranch sauces from your chicken McNuggets on top of some ramen noodles.

Be honest. Greenish glop and brownish paste mingle with dribbly white goo in an ironed tortilla surrounding overcooked rice, cheeselike product, and something resembling meat. You’re obviously talking about the grilled stuft burrito from our good friends at Taco Bell. See the difference? It’s effective, direct, and not misleading.


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