Foot Selfies

If you have to take pictures of your feet, would you please not post them on social media so other people have to look at them?

1) Feet are gross. Everyone thinks so, except those pervs with foot fetishes–and if you’re posting foot pictures to please them, you’re even sicker than they are.

2) Feet are ugly. You probably don’t realize it, but the fact that your feet look different from other people’s probably means that yours look odd/strange/different/ugly to other people.

3) No, it doesn’t matter if you just got a pedicure. Saying “painted my piggies!!!! lol omg ❤ <3" does NOT make your feet adorable.

Is there even one legitimate reason to take pictures of your feet? Yes. There are two, actually:

1) Tattoos on the ankle and/or the top of the foot. It is completely permissible to post a picture of a tattoo. When possible, please let the viewer know before opening the picture that there is a foot (or feet) present.

2) The second reason doesn't involve putting it out there on social media. Foot snapshots are allowed if a person is tracking the size of a mole/spot/lesion/anomaly on the skin's surface in order to support a medical diagnosis.

Keep your feet in your shoes and off the web. Thank you.



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